Miguel's Online Grimoire

When Miguel wants to store something, he puts it in the MOG (Miguel's Online Grimoire). If you have ended up in the MOG by accident, pray you find your way out, lest you be swallowed whole.

What is Miguel?

In brief: Miguel Rivera is a Software Developer, Computational Chemist, and Musician.

In long-winded: Miguel is a well-meaning warlock who knows varying amounts about Python, Quantum Chemistry, Minesweeper, Linux, Maths, Cookery, vim, Jazz, Games, Literature, and other less arcane disciplines.

What is my destination?

  • If you want to find out about Miguel Rivera's work, go to Work.
  • If you want to find out about his research, go to Research.

What is the MOG?

Miguel's Online Grimoire (MOG) is a repository of Miguel Rivera's professional outputs and personal projects. It is written in a way that is accessible to most unsuspecting victims that may fall within its folds. The purposes of the MOG are to:

  • Offer a portrait of Miguel, the Well-Meaning Warlock, for anyone intersted in collaborating with him.
  • Store ancient knowledge that he is likely to forget.
  • Disseminate the wizardry that he has learned to explain well.
  • Provide a platform for his corpus of creative machinations.