I am a Computational Chemist, I write computer programs to model atoms and how they make up molecules and materials. I am interested in any project which involves programming, maths, and creativity, with benevolent ends.

If you would be interested in collaborating with me in a work capacity, please email me at this address. You can find my CV here and my doctoral thesis here.

Professional History

  • Research Associate, Imperial College London, 04/2020 -
    I work in the Materials Design group, with Aron Walsh. The group has a variety of interests, and I focus on software development for several applications. We work in the Department of Materials, at Imperial College London, in South Kensington, London, UK.
  • Doctoral Researcher, Queen Mary University of London, 10/2016 - 03/2020
    I develop modelling strategies which allow the simulation of materials which interact with light. I then implement these strategies in open source programs which enable the design of new better materials for solar panels, lasers, and LEDs. My advisor is Dr Rachel Crespo-Otero, and our group is located at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), UK.
  • Teaching Demonstrator, Queen Mary University of London, 10/2016 - 03/2020
    I assist lecturers in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences of QMUL. I am typically a demonstrator, meaning that I help students in their computational practicals. Notably, I have taught Introduction to Scientific Programming, which teaches undergraduate students how to write Python from scratch, and Computational Chemistry, which teaches students how to use Linux, and software for simulating chemical phenomena.
  • Jazz Guitarist, Happy Hour Collective, 10/2014 -
    I am a semi-professional guitarist, playing occasional performances in the UK. I am a member of The Martinis, a part of The Happy Hour Collective. We are a function band which plays the regular funk and soul repertoire for weddings, office parties, and other events. We also reinvents popular hits into new genres (Smoke on the Water as bossa nova, Smells Like Teen Spirit as swing etc.).


  • PhD in Computational Chemistry, Queen Mary University of London, UK, 10/2016 - 04/2020
  • MSci in Physics, University College London, UK, 10/2012 - 05/2016
  • French Baccalaureate with International Option in English, Lycée International des Pontonniers, Strasbourg, France, 09/2009 - 07/2012